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Polwarth Wool

sassy wines polwarth wool

Coolinda is the name of our property which is not only home to Sassy Wines vineyard but also, a mutually inclusive, small working farm. We have some

cattle and Polwarth sheep, bred for their fleece. Fliss is a spinner and weaver of sorts, and passionate about natural fibre. Polwarth, an Australian breed

from 1880s resulted from the crossing of Merino and Lincoln breeds, to cater to the meat and wool market in days gone by.The proportion of breed blend

is three quarter Merino one quarter Lincoln.The fleeces are wonderfully soft though very strong. The staple length is 5-6" atapproximatly 23 micron and

white in colour. 

After heavily skirting the fleece it is sold by the kilo as raw fleece. Also available are Polwarth tops both white and dyed.Mail order is avalable.

The small gallery in the Sassy Wines cellar door sells fleece and a variety of unique handspun, handwoven accessories.

For more information and purchase send a message through the website  at or ring Fliss on 0409311395

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