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Our Vineyard

sassy vineyard 01The vineyard is located 12km east of the cool climate district of Orange, NSW, a few kilometres north ofthe hamlet of Lucknow. The 6.2 hectare vineyard was first planted in 2005, selling grapes from 2008 and commencing our own wine production in 2010 under the label Sassy Wines.

At an altitude of 850 to 900m above sea level all the vines are orientated in a north-south direction and on sloping blocks, mostly frost free.

The soils are of 5 types which produced different flavour characteristics even within the three plots in the vineyard. The soils arise from bedrock dating back 460 million years. The underlying rock is known as the Oakdale Formation and contains diverse basic volcanic material, much of which is sandstone, siltstone, breccia and conglomerate derived from basalt and andesite. For more extensive explanation of the Orange region terroir go to Orange Terroir.

The planting of each variety has been very site specific, matching our soil types with the optimal topographical aspect.

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